On the 6th August we held another two Bush Craft session for the general public and members.   In the morning Treasure Tots came and completed a bug hunt in the garden and found many interesting creatures.  They used pots with magnifying glasses to match animals with a lookup cards. All animals were put back carefully.


We also modeled clay to make designs of some of the bugs found. The fire was lit at midday and used to make hot drinks and cook scotch pancakes and muffins which tasted great. The chocolate orange spread was a favourite of mine.


In the afternoon we had some of older children attend and ventured outside the garden to make a shelter out of branches and leaves. The pictures were taken during various stages of construction.  It even had a door bell and kitchen built in! All enjoyed making it.


After all that hard work, we returned to the garden, re lit the fire and had melted marsh mellows in biscuits and toasted muffins.


It was slightly disappointing that numbers attending the sessions were down given that a lot of preparation and effort that goes into running each session.  We have to carry several wheelbarrows of equipment from the street to the garden.


All profits from the event went towards the garden funds.


Reported: Darren Windley

Shelter Pictures: Alexander Wilberforce   

Bug Pictures: Darren Windley

Bush Craft Leader: Mary Dawson