The 7.3 hectare area of Summerfields Woods spans a central position between Holmesdale Gardens in Hastings town centre and Horntye Cricket Pitch in the Bohemia area of St Leonards.

There are numerous access points around the woods and a stream runs through the centre of the woods to two ornamental ponds at the lower (town centre) end. Brisco Walk runs the length of the Northern side of the woods and forms part of the Hastings Greenway Project.

The woods have been an SNCI (Site of Nature Conservation Importance) for some years and are now an LNR (Local Nature Reserve).


Within the woods are the roman baths. Click here to see some photos.

Plants & Wildlife

The upper woodland consists of mainly mature sycamore with some ash and elder trees. Rhodedendron and cherry laurel are also growing in the lower end of the woods. Holly, bramble, ivy and enchanters nightsghade make up the ground coverage, together with ferns, red campion, wood evans, cuckoo pint and dog violet that can also be seen growing on the woodland floor.

The two ponds are under a dense canopy of trees and Himalayan balsam, hogweed, flag iris and various ferns can be seen growing at the waters edge. The steep banks of the stream that supplies the ponds are also densely vegetated. The upper part of the woods has a carpet of bluebells in the spring.

Summerfields Woods are home to one of the largest populations of badgers within the town, with many setts in the woods themselves and surrounding areas.

The woods also form an important habitat for both migratory and nesting indigenous birds.


The two ponds in the lower part of the woods were constructed during Victorian times and are fed by a stream which runs down the central part of the woods. A third small pond is located further up in the centre of the woods and forms the start of the stream with water from local land drains.

Friends of Summerfield Woods Task Days

Meeting location is always outside  Summerfields Sports Centre,Cambridge Road Hastings at 10am to 1am. Bring gardening gloves (or smilar), work clothes and sturdy shoes. All tools and refreshments are supplied. Stay as long as you like.
You do not need to do any heavy work.


Click here for the Friends of Summerfields Woods Web site


Hastings was the home for some of the wealthy Brisco family who occupied Bohemia Mansion and Coghurst Hall in Ivy House Lane for much of the 19th Century.  For the first half of the 20th century the Bohemia Estate and House became known as Summerfields when it was used as a boys public school, part of the Summerfields School from Oxford. Click the link below to find out more about the family history and the structures they created up to the destruction of the Mansion, including the Victorian Roman Bath hidden in the Woods and an Ice House.


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