This is currently being made available to view in an electronic format in March 2017.

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Equal Opportunities Policy

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Safeguarding Policy

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Business and Action Plans

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Finance and Meetings 

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Expense form V1.1  Excel PDF

BACS payee form V1.1 Excel PDF 


Plot Holder Information

Terms of use           Click here to view (December 2017)

Safety and Site Info Click here to view (September 2017)



Guide to avoiding BWGA emails going into PROMOTIONS folder



Pumpkin Soup


Annual General Meetings

2017 (For Reported year of 2016)  Minutes  Trustees Annual Report  Accounts Agenda

2016 (For Reported year of 2015)  Minutes  Management Report  Accounts

2015 (For Reported year of 2014)  Minutes  Management Report  Accounts

2014 (For Reported year of 2013)  Minutes  Management Report  Accounts

2013 (For Reported year of 2012)  Minutes  Management Report  Accounts

2012 (For Reported year of 2011)  Minutes  Management Report  Accounts

2011 (For Reported year of 2010)  Minutes  Management Report  Accounts

2010 (For Reported year of 2009)  Minutes  Management Report  Accounts