• The BWGA (Bohemia Walled Garden Association) have made all reasonable efforts to keep the site safe, but ask members and  visitors to be aware & alert while using the garden.
  • In an emergency call Fire, Police, Ambulance using 999-Give location as  “Bohemia Walled Garden” in Summerfield Woods by Hastings Law Courts in Bohemia Road, Hastings, TN34 1QX. Send a person to meet the emergency services on the main road. Emergency procedure is pinned by the shed.
  • For Non Urgent calls - Please call 101.
  • The ground is uneven in places, so look ahead for changes of level.
  • Areas that are hazardous will be marked by red & white tape.  Please keep out of such restricted areas.
  • Tools must not be left on paths and be aware that tools are in use, in your immediate area. All tools to be cleaned and put away in concrete shed (if marked with blue, green and white paint) or in the member’s tool box. No tools to be left around the garden.
  • Leave enough room between yourself and another person working.
  • A first aid box is on-site in the shed. This is only available when the shed is open so at other times plot-holders and regular users need to bring their own first aid kit. Please record all accidents in the book provided if possible or inform us via Members are responsible for their own first aid.
  • Children are welcome in the garden but their guardian must be aware for their safety at all times.
  • It is each member’s responsibility to ensure their anti-tetanus injection is up-to-date and aware of other soil risks. If unsure visit your doctor.
  • At least 1 working  mobile telephone must on site whenever the garden is in use (either on Wednesday's & Sunday's, or when plot holders visit)
  • Please report all tools damaged in book (located in concrete shed) or email details to Please affix the “DO NOT USE” tape from the concrete shed to the damaged tool. A committee member should be advised at the same time.
  • Please wear suitable PPE (Person Protective Equipment) such as gloves and boots for any work proposed in the garden.
  • Risk assessments are completed and are regularly reviewed. Please familiarise yourself with their content. Relevant risk assessments are available at events. General Risk assessment a copy is kept in the white box in the shed.
  • Plot holders should bring their own drinking water, hand washing gel/water and sensible clothing and footwear for the weather.

(Reviewed September 2017)



  • The Walled Garden is NOT an Allotment.
  • There is a selection of “communal tools” are available on Wednesdays & Sundays and are labelled with blue, white and green paint and must be cleaned after use.
  • A member’s toolbox is available with a selection of tools that are accessible at all times. This toolbox has a combination lock and must be kept locked.
  • Buildings may not be erected.
  • As water is not piped to the site, members will need to bring water if necessary.
  • Water used from a communal source to be used responsibly & sparingly.
  • Organic matter may be disposed of in the compost area. No food waste is allowed.
  • The garden should not be left unlocked whilst unattended. Therefore the door must be locked by the last person to leave the site.
  • When the garden is open, the padlocks on the main door must be be attached to the bolt and be locked in a way that bolt cannot be moved and people cannot be locked in the garden. The lock must be scrambled at all times.
  • All combination locks are the same and changed from time to time. The code will be told to plot holders when a plot is allocated.
  • An internal bolt on the main door may be used when a member is  alone in  the  garden. If you lock the door, then please listen out for others who may want to enter.
  • No responsibility is accepted for loss or damage to property on site.
  • A waterless toilet is provided. No chemicals must be used with it. Sanitary products should be taken for home disposal.
  • All rubbish must be taken away as there is no collection.
  • Dogs are welcome but need to be on a lead.
  • All Under 16 Children to be accompanied by a responsible adult who is accountable for their behaviour and any first aid required.

(Reviewed September 2017)




Whilst tending the garden is generally a safe occupation or hobby the possible  health risks from contact with soil should be born in mind when working at the Bohemia Garden.  The PDF file attached by S Jeffery & WH van de Putten  does provide some indication of the potential  amount  of organisms that can cause  soil borne human diseases.

The actions  that most adults will take like washing or sterilising hands  before eating after contact with soil and manure and  ensuring any open wounds are covered are sensible precautions and apply to children as well as adults.  The document on the button below produced by JRC Scientific & Technical Reports  provides comprehensive information on the organisms that exist and the degree of risk.


Click here to view publication





Risk Assessments are completed for each event at the garden, irrespective of if it is being run by the BWGA or an external user. A template exists for each type of event and this forms the begining of the assessment. Each event will be different and the event specific activities will be added to the assessment. Listed below are the generic templates we use and which are reviewed on an annual basis. If you wish to view the Risk Assessment for a particular event then please contact us, via the "Contact us" page.


Template Usage
BWGA Working Days RA v1.12 (May 2016) Any planned work is carried out in the garden by BWGA members and NOT open to general public. This is typically a Sunday and Wednesday.
BWGA Open Days RA v1.4 (April 2017)

Garden open to the general public with no working tasks.

BWGA Plot Holders RA v1.3 (December 2017)

Any time when a plot holder maintains their plot

BWGA User RA v1.3 (June 2017)

Garden being used by an external organisation or group.