With funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund in 2018, a set of activity sheets were created which are available to be downloaded.



You can read about Badger and friends who don't like all of the rubbish they find in the woods.

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Activity Sheets

There are individual files for each of the topics below which contain activities. Some include a useful list of general resources and specific records of creatures found in the Bohemia Walled Garden and Summerfields Wood in Hastings,East Sussex.

They are based on activities done at the Bohemia Walled Garden or in Summerfields wood but they can be adapted for use in other open spaces.

Bees & Butterflies


An art activity to aid learning about these wonderful creatures.





An art activity to aid learning about moths.





See an example of a tree identification quiz and trail that can be adapted to other woods. Also instructions on how to measure and age trees.


Wild Flowers



Walk through a wood or other open space and see how many flowers you can identify with an art activity to aid learning.


Worms and Bugs


Learn all about worms and how to build your own wormery. Find out how important they are to gardeners



All of the activity sheets and resources are available in one file by clicking here.