Our Application Background


In March 2016, we were successfully awarded a Heritage Lottery Fund Grant of £97,000 to:

  • Restore the fallen East Wall.
  • Interpretation boards for better information.
  • Heritage learning activities  which will include horticulture courses, Natural Heritage/environmental education  activities for Families and Children.
  • A user friendly booklet on the history of the Bohemia Victorian Walled Garden ,Bohemia Estate/Briscoe family  ...past to present.
  • Open events  to include  workshops on  traditional skills ( Weaving and Spinning)   Heritage Apple day  and other history, natural heritage and horticulture talks.
  • A path for better access.

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About the Heritage Lottery Fund


Our Project Plan from May 2016 – Sept 2018



Time Scale Activity

Spring/Summer 2016





Natural heritage /environmental workshops
Research and workshops for active learning for children and families on the garden and woods biodiversity. The information gained to be used on the Interpretation boards and worksheets and posted on the web site. Click here for pictures and report.


May to

September 2016





History Booklet
Research and publication of a user friendly history of the Bohemia Victorian Walled garden, Bohemia Estate and the Brisco family. Natural heritage of the garden and woods. Summary of the Past the Present and hopes for the future. Cick here to view first edition.


September to October 2016












Open days and Workshops

• Heritage Open Day - Sun 11th Sept 10am to 4pm

Talks history of garden and launch of booklet. Natural heritage activities, Victorian games from 'Hahahopscotch'. Talk about Kitchen gardens. Click here for photos.

• Pumpkins and Heritage Apples - Sun 23rd Oct 10am to 4pm

Pumpkin carving. Talks, cooking, and apple juicing. Click here for photos.



Time Scale Activity

March 2017








Interpretation Board and Way-markers Design
Informed by Natural Heritage workshops and to explain the history of the garden and area, natural heritage information, with a map. There will be a separate section for notices of upcoming events.


The way-markers are to be designed by a local artist to sign post the way to the garden.


June to August



Build and installations

Installation of the interpretation boards and way-markers.


March to























Horticulture workshops

During the growing season we hope to run these on horticultural methods to suit the garden environment but these are dependent upon the building activity in progress.


Thu 9th



What to grow, when and how. Soil and propagation.

Click here for pictures


Thu 16th



Bugs, Rotation of crops, diseases and control.



Thu 23rd



Companion planting, Wildlife gardening and flower growing.


Thu 30th



Alternative ideas: Gardening upwards in small plots (requested); Premaculture ideas like no dig and forest gardening; 3 Sisters crop system.


To be arranged

in Sept

Two more sessions will include fruit growing, simple pruning, summary of sessions and evaluation.


Click here for a list of the books and web site references used during these workshops.


Time Scale Activity

June to August









Build and installations

Due to some structural issues with the south wall,  the building schedule has been postponed from 2017, into 2018. BWGA has been working with HBC to make sure a secure and attractive rebuild is undertaken.

Building of the path through the wood to the garden entrance will be made after the wall is completed.


Autumn 2018





Celebration Event to include Traditional skill workshops

(e.g. Spinning and basket making)
On completion of the wall, path and interpretation boards installation there will be a celebration of the project.


Updated 14/6/2017


Throughout the life of the project we will issue evaluation questionnaires, film and photograph developments and document progress. This web site will be updated during the project.