EVENT PHOTOS - 3rd April 2016 Easter Event


It was a lovely sunny day. We had over 100 people children 56  and adults 52


It was wonderful to see so many happy faces  and feel such energy.


Every one returned from the Tree walk  despite my complicated maps! Thanks to Russell and Peter for manning that activity.

The Holm Oak was recorded by Lucy and Reuban Ryan  as being 116 years old and 12 metres tall.


The Treasure Tots group  activities  were popular painting sticks and making  natural nests. Martin from the Pocket Park planted many sunflower seeds with the children. The' Mud' area with it's new 'kitchen' was very well used too.


Lesley and Sue served many  drinks & sold many delicious cakes.


Thanks to Mat and Darren for grass cutting, Darren for IT & Kris for artwork.


Chris S and Sally put out all the signs, others helped with promotion and preparation.


Thanks to all who made cakes  and help in many ways to keep the garden active.


Chocolate eggs were also eaten!


Cllr Nigel Sinden kindly donation  an egg  STAR WARS R2D2  that was raffled  for the children.  Thank you Nigel and Carolyn who also donated some  chocolate treats.


Money raised:  Activity fees  £107 Drinks & Cakes £173.88 - Total £280.88 before expenses.