EVENT PHOTOS - Easter Event 2017


The adventure for children and families was very well attended. There were 100+ children and their adults came. They looked for the Wisdom Egg in Summerfields Wood.


They met woodland musicians and a Forest Dragon helped them cross the 'swamp'. Beautifully dressed Forest ladies made potions and a rather friendly Monster hid under the bridge. They had to 'hiss' him away and scare him with their sock puppets. The lovely Wisdom Egg was found in the garden and treats were received.


Thanks goes to the EGG makers of Alexia,Sally, Justine,Sue J, Kamila and Clea.

Thanks to Lesley and team for serving refreshments and all those who provided cakes.


Mary dreamt up the adventure and other BWGA members supported the event.


We collected £ 321.66 (less some expenses) for the ongoing running of the garden.


Report written by Mary 28th April 2017.


Photos by Danielle Castelino. Posters by Kristina Alexander.