EVENT PHOTOS - Summer Open Day 21st May 2017


The Open Garden event was linked with the Hastings Chelsea Fringe. It was a sunny and successful day. We counted in excess of 200 visitors. The talks were very well attended and appreciated. Thanks go to Anna Locke (permaculture) and Ben Fairlight-Edwards (medicinal use of herbs).


As usual the refreshments were popular thanks to Lesley and team. We sold lots of plants, books and raffle tickets. Thanks to all our BWGA volunteers who make all we do in the garden possible.


Thanks go to Wickes and J Sainsburys who donated raffle prizes.


The result of the fund raising was £714.45 before expenses. A really good result and needed for the garden to be maintained and developed. Thank you to all that supported us.


Many children made mini gardens in trays. One child, about 2/3 years tried to plant a 'tree', a piece of a shrub in the gravel. He did make it stand up! We always seek permission for the display of children in pictures on the web site. There were some interesting garden names for example "Sam's Intergalactic garden" which had a little pond for the dog to drink at! Kate and Alma's pine cone garden and many others.


Music in the afternoon was enjoyed and was by the local choir Sea Tones and other musicians.


A wonderful secret garden now being enjoyed by many. More events coming up in 2017.


Pictures were taken by Colin Foy, Justine Munroe, Mary Dawson and our new young photographer Thomas.