EVENT PHOTOS - HLF Celebration Day 21st October 2018


This event was to celebrate the completion of the wall and path construction this year and all the Heritage Lottery funded events and activities from 2016 to 2018. It was an opportunity to acknowledge all who have contributed to the garden in the past and during the HLF project.

Thanks to the Heritage Lottery that enabled the whole project to happen and to Hastings Borough Council who granted extra money needed for the wall to be built.

A second edition of the BWGA booklet is being written and a short film titled ' the wall goes up' being made which will show the construction  of the wall from start to end.  Both should both be available to see at the Christmas social that is being planned.


The event included  displays of traditional skills including spinning, rope making, fence making,the use of natural dyes and apple tree pruning. There was a talk by Mary Sue Powell of the Brisco family and the planting of 2 Sussex apple trees.

Our Mayor was present  and helped to cut the celebration cake.   It was a sunny and a happy day.

Pictures were taken by Justine.